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Terça-Feira, 15 de Outubro de 2013

Innovative Vodafone service allows you to control your television using your voice

Vodafone today became the first television operator in Portugal to provide a Voice Control system for televisions

From today onwards, Customers of the Vodafone TV service can control their television using only their voice, through a voice recognition service that automatically converts into TV commands.

Using the solution it is possible for the customer, for example, to say the name or number of the channel that he wants to watch and the television will immediately switch to this channel. It is also possible, in a simple and user-friendly way, to say any command on a normal TV remote control, namely: ‘switch on’ the TV, ‘record’, ‘pause’, ‘TV guide, ‘see recordings’, among many others, and the television will carry out the instruction said out loud.

Also noteworthy is the feature that allows an easy search through more than 7,000 films available in the Vodafone television video-on-demand service. Using the Voice Command a customer simply needs to say the name of the film or actor that he’s looking for, and the result of the search is immediately shown on the TV screen.

In this initial phase the Voice Command functionality is available in the Vodafone Tv Net Voz app on Android smartphones (free download in Google Play).

It should be pointed out that Vodafone Tv Net Voz has been recognised by several studies, including the Marktest Telecommunications Barometer, as the service with the highest Customer satisfaction scores, as well as providing the best price in the Portuguese market: €24.90/month guaranteed for 2 years.

Through this latest pioneering launch in Portugal, Vodafone is reinforcing its investment in innovation in the television service in the country and its leadership in quality and convergence of services across all platforms.