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Segunda-Feira, 18 de Novembro de 2013

Vodafone Mexefest app offers exclusive concerts by Gisela João, Márcia and peixe:avião at iconic locations in Lisbon

The Vodafone Smart Concerts – exclusive concerts recorded at iconic locations in Lisbon, are now available on the Vodafone Mexefest app for iOS and Android via image recognition technology in augmented reality.

The Vodafone Smart Concerts are one of the new additions to this year’s festival and feature Gisela João at Ginginha Sem Rival, Márcia at the Glória Funicular and peixe:avião at Espingardaria A. Montez (opposite Rossio station). To see each of these concerts, users simply need to open the free Vodafone Mexefest app, select the Smart Concerts option and point their smartphone camera at the festival posters affixed at these locations in downtown Lisbon.

The Vodafone Mexefest app also enables users to check key news and the concert billing (filtered by date, venue and artist), create a custom schedule of concerts, access useful information about the festival (including the location and availability of venues in real time), comment on concerts, share photos on Facebook and Instagram using special filters and check the location of the Vodafone Bus, among other features. The app also allows Vodafone customers to purchase tickets for 35 euros (includes a 5 euro discount).