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Segunda-Feira, 11 de Fevereiro de2013

Vodafone Mobile Data Challenge 2013

Vodafone seeks talented university technology students

Vodafone Portugal is seeking talented young people who stand out in the university community for their disruptive vision of new technologies. Entry to the Vodafone Mobile Data Challenge 2013 competition is open until 1 April.

With the aim of identifying new talent in technology and stimulating the creative spirit of university students through the presentation of technological innovations that make a difference, the Vodafone Mobile Data Challenge – the first edition of which was held in 2012 – underscores Vodafone Portugal’s pioneering approach to launching initiatives that create links between the academic and business communities.

In this year’s edition participants are invited to show their full potential through the development of innovative projects and solutions under the proposed themes: eMoney, Mobile Office Experience, LTE Service Enablers, Green Approach, eHealth, Intelligent Media and Advertising, Wi-Fi Ad Mobile, M2M and Cloud Computing. Candidates are expected to research the technical aspects of their chosen theme and be creative in the design of an application or service with practical application in the community.

The final stage of the competition will take place on 18 April at Vodafone Portugal’s Head Office at Parque das Nações in Lisbon, where participants will present their work to a judging panel composed of senior Vodafone managers. Those who come top will have the opportunity to see their projects implemented.

Applications can be made on Vodafone Portugal’s website at