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Terça-Feira, 18 de Junho de 2013

National Customer Satisfaction Index – Vodafone continues to have the most satisfied customers in the telecommunications sector

Vodafone has the highest customer satisfaction rating in the telecommunications sector according to the ECSI Portugal Report published yesterday. Vodafone Portugal achieved a satisfaction rating of 7.88 (on a scale of 1 to 10), the highest in the entire telecommunications sector.

The National Customer Satisfaction Index carried out annually in the telecommunications sector covers the operators of mobile, fixed, internet and pay-TV services. As in recent years, Vodafone comes top in the two sub-sectors in which it is ranked – Mobile Telephone Service and Mobile Internet – in all the variables measured in the survey: the Image that customers have of the operator, Customer Expectations, Perceived Quality of the operator’s network and services, Perceived Value for Money, Satisfaction with the Operator, Complaints Received and how they are handled, and Customers’ Loyalty to their operator.

In the survey, Vodafone saw the already high levels of satisfaction of customers of its mobile telephone service increase since the previous year. Its customers continue to be the most satisfied with their operator and it has a higher satisfaction rating than all other operators in the Portuguese telecommunications market.

The ECSI Portugal National Customer Satisfaction Index stems from Portugal’s membership of the ECSI (European Customer Satisfaction Index) project, initiated in 1999 by the European Commission and EOQ (European Organization for Quality). The aim of the project is to analyse customer satisfaction using the same methodology in all Member States so as to provide a comparative analysis of the various business sectors in each country.

The ECSI Portugal survey was carried out by the Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management at the New University of Lisbon in partnership with the Portuguese Association for Quality and the Portuguese Quality Institute.

The publication of this survey continues to contribute to informing the general public about the real customer satisfaction ratings of individual operators.