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Segunda-Feira, 20 de Outubro de 2014

Vodafone launches mobile internet that is faster than the fixed network: 300Mbps

On Monday 20 October Vodafone is launching 4G+ technology, which will give its customers mobile internet access speeds up to 300Mbp.

The mobile internet speed, which was already faster than those available with ADSL, now exceeds for the first time the speeds currently offered by fixed cable network operators in Portugal. Although mobile internet does not yet reach the speeds possible with optical fibre, this launch by Vodafone is particularly important because it takes mobile internet to speeds faster than most Portuguese users experience with fixed internet.

Access to the 300Mbps speed is currently exclusive to customers that have either of two compatible devices in Vodafone’s retail range (the Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone and the Vodafone 4G B4000 router) and who are in the current 4G+ reception areas (Lisbon and Porto). The technology will be progressively rolled out to other cities in Portugal over the coming months.

4G+, or “LTE-Advanced”, network, uses bandwidth in the frequency ranges assigned to Vodafone in the 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands and uses aggregation of two or more frequency bands to increase transmission speeds.

This technological innovation offers clear benefits to Vodafone customers who use mobile internet services (via phone, tablet or PC) as it will be available at no extra cost in all plans and data packages. At a speed of 300Mbps users can, for example, download an album of ten songs in 1 second or download a 1GB video in around 27 seconds