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Quarta-Feira, 2 de Julho de 2014

Ministry of Education and Vodafone Portugal boost Vocational Secondary Education

Vodafone Portugal has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science to provide Vocational Secondary Education students with the training, skills and tools needed to enter the labour market.

Vodafone believes that Vocational Secondary Education plays a key role in the preparation of skilled workers ready to enter the world of work.As a result it has created the “Bright Future” initiative to support Computer, Electronics and Telecommunications Equipment Management Courses, which will be taught at Fonseca Benevides Secondary School in Lisbon and Fontes Pereira de Melo Secondary School in Porto.

These schools are recognised nationally for the quality of education they provide, the technological conditions and resources available to students and for providing subsidised apprenticeships in a work setting.

Because Vodafone and the Ministry of Education and Science believe in the potential of occupational courses, they have signed an agreement to encourage and train students to enter the labour market more efficiently and better prepared.

Students who wish to apply for this course must be less than 18 years old, have completed the 9th Year of schooling and be interested in pursuing a career in the field of technology. After three years of the course, they will have 12th Year graduation and Vocational Qualification Level IV. At the end, students who graduate will be qualified to pursue a career in Vodafone in their areas of specialisation.

These 12th Year courses also provide the foundation for entering the new Higher Technical Vocational courses in polytechnics, and university degrees in Electronic Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunications, if these students choose to enter higher education, and give future engineers early exposure to the material that will later be taught at university while maintaining contact with Vodafone.

Further information on Linkedin da Vodafone or on the schools’ websites.