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Quarta-Feira, 7 de Janeiro de 2015

Vodafone gives ‘More music, less talk. Everywhere.’ with Spotify Premium

Vodafone Portugal has announced that Vodafone customers can now subscribe to Spotify Premium on exclusive terms. With two new packages including data, Vodafone is offering users a mass of advantages with Spotify Premium enabling them to listen to more music, less talk, anywhere.

For only €2.49 users can exclusively and for the first time take advantage of a weekly Spotify Premium subscription, which includes a package of 150 MB of mobile internet. Those who prefer a monthly option can activate a monthly Spotify Premium subscription for €6.99, including 350 MB of mobile internet. This Spotify offer is designed exclusively for Vodafone customers looking for a quality music service without adverts or interruptions.

The mobile internet megabytes included in this offer can be used with any service that uses an internet connection, whether Spotify, email, applications or surfing the internet. With Spotify Premium, users can also listen to their favourite songs and playlists offline, as well as via Wi-Fi or the mobile network.

Spotify is one of the largest global streaming music services, giving access to over 30 million songs ranging from the latest to the classics, with high quality and from any smartphone, tablet or PC, and serves around 50 million users in 58 countries.

This exclusive partnership with Spotify is an important step in the positioning of Vodafone in the music world.

“More music, less talk. Everywhere.” is the slogan of the advertising campaign, which will be aired between 5 and 18 January on the main radio stations, and on billboards and online media.