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Quarta-Feira, 7 de Janeiro de 2015

Vodafone Secure Net now with new features

Vodafone Portugal has announced that new features are now available with Vodafone Secure Net – a pioneering service in Portugal which keeps mobile devices more secure by protecting them from internet threats such as viruses or unsafe websites containing malware or phishing attacks.

Vodafone Secure Net is a convenient and easy-to-use service since it does not require the installation of any software or any additional configuration. With this update, users can now extend the service to other devices (mobile broadband cards, tablets or other smartphones) to create an Equipment Group and protect them from various online threats.

In addition users can now restrict access by any such equipment to potentially harmful surfing, such as websites with inappropriate content or language, and receive alerts about the reliability of unwanted files sent to these devices.

Another new feature is the option to receive reports showing the number of threats blocked by the service. According to the latest data, in November over 20,000 threats were blocked every day.

To subscribe, users simply need to be registered with the Vodafone network (3G or 4G) and visit or send a text message with the word “Secure” to 12345 and receive the activation link. The service costs €0.99 a month but is available free to Vodafone customers for 30 days.

The Vodafone Secure Net service was first launched in June and already has more than 100,000 active customers.