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Quarta-Feira, 25 de Novembro de 2015

Inês Meneses, Joaquim Quadros, André Tentugal, Paulo Segadães and Rui Miguel Abreu share guides to Vodafone Mexefest

Vodafone has invited five prominent personalities from Portugal’s arts and cultural scene who share a huge passion for music and a profound knowledge of Vodafone Mexefest. These personalities have created their guides to the days of the festival and are now sharing them with the general public via the official festival app, available for iOS and Android and at position 10 of Vodafone TV.

At the same time, they have developed a number of happenings which will take place at various points on Avenida da Liberdade and which are designed to make the festival even richer by involving the audience with the event. Different outlooks on the same theme: “The city rocks to the music”.

Inês Meneses, broadcaster and communicator, will write a text that will be projected in Praça dos Restauradores next to the Vodafone Mexefest Gramophone.

Her guide includes a trip to Ribamar, where you can should not miss having a plate of ham, clams and shrimps fried with garlic, and visit Carbono to hear good music before going on to the festival. Salvador Seabra, Cave Story and Chairlift are just some of the bands you will not want to miss.

Joaquim Quadros, the Vodafone FM presenter and indie music specialist, will suggest music by new Portuguese bands which can be downloaded free via QR Codes available at the Vodafone FM Studio.

 His list of suggestions includes “The Hidden Chinese of Mouraria”, an “oasis” two blocks from the Colosseum. Titus Andronicus, DJ Firmeza, Nicolas Godin and Bombino are just some of the names in his guide.

André Tentugal, director and mentor of We Trust, has made a short film which will be shown in the Manoel de Oliveira Room of the São Jorge Cinema during the breaks between concerts.

For before the festival, André recommends a cosy spot where you can listen to jazz and have a drink – Primeiro Andar. Tó Trips, Villagers, Ducktails, Benjamin Clementine, Ariel Pink and Nicolas Godin are some of the artists not to miss.

Paul Segadães, photographer, director and drummer of The Legendary Tigerman, will exhibit his own photographs on special outdoor advertising panels on Avenida daLiberdade, between Praça dos Restauradores and the São Jorge Cinema.

Paulo Segadães suggests starting the evening savouring a hot dog at Quiosque Hot Dog Lovers. Going down Avenida da Liberdade, he will attend the concert by Tó Trips and then go on to that by the Villagers. Also suggests the Beira Garde café and the concerts by Roots Manuva, Benjamin Clementine and Patrick Watson. He says he will end the night at the Galeto restaurant on Avenida da República.

Rui Miguel Abreu, journalist, broadcaster and new music promoter, joins Vodafone Mexefest with the Independent Music Market, which takes place on the days of the Festival between 12 pm and 7 pm at the Picadeiro Real do Antigo Colégio dos Nobres, part of the Museu de História Natural e da Ciência. During the festival afternoons there will be showcases, with the record labels present offering a 10% discount to all Festival ticket holders.

Rui Miguel Abreu regards a visit to Carbono essential. He also suggests the restaurant of the São Jorge Cinema with, according to him, one of the best verandas in Lisbon, and the concerts by Ariel Pink and Nicolas Godin, among others.

The complete guides are available on the Vodafone Mexefest App, a partnership with the Inviita app, winner of Vodafone Power Lab. In addition to being able to access the guides created by these personalities, users can create their own guide and share it.