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Quarta-Feira, 20 de Maio de 2015

Vodafone Portugal launches exclusive service in partnership with Dropbox: Vodafone Backup+

Vodafone and Dropbox have joined forces to create a unique product that keeps mobile phone content securely and available for retrieval when needed: Vodafone Backup+.

The growing capacity and reliability of mobile networks means that smartphones are increasingly used to generate, transfer and store content. With Vodafone Backup+, Vodafone customers can keep a permanent copy of their contacts and store their most important files, such as photos, videos and music, securely in a Dropbox account.

To use this service, available for Android and iOS, users simply need to install the Vodafone Backup+ App and associate a Dropbox account where the customer’s files will be stored. A special folder will be created for this purpose where all the smartphone’s contents are available to be managed, shared or retrieved.

During the service’s launch period, Vodafone customers who associate new Dropbox accounts will be entitled to 25GB free for 1 year.

To obtain Vodafone Backup+, simply visit the Apple or Google app store, or send a free SMS to 12345 containing the text ‘Backup’.

Further information about the service is available at