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Quinta-Feira, 11 de Junho de 2015

Vodafone leads in quality and performance of mobile networks in Portugal

Vodafone Portugal is the leader in the quality and performance of mobile networks among telecommunications operators in Portugal, according to the most recent study by the independent company, P3 Communications. The audit is based on a wide range of drive tests conducted in 24 cities between 29 April and 13 May of this year, including district capitals, small and medium-sized cities, rural areas and national highways.

The tests, which were carried out using the latest generation of smartphones, evaluated the performance of Vodafone’s voice and data network, as well as those of other market operators, in 4G, 3G and 2G modes, with preference given to the 4G network.

In terms of mobile voice services, Vodafone Portugal is the operator with the best accessibility and fewest dropped calls, as shown by the call success indicator (Fig. 1). The company also leads the voice quality indicator, due to the availability of HD-Voice technology throughout the country. This technology enables a significant upgrade in the sound quality of calls, which is clearer and more perceptible thanks to the voice coding in a wider frequency band.

In terms of mobile data service, Vodafone Portugal has the best download and upload performance, as proved by results in tests performed by transferring an unlimited http file for 10 seconds.

Vodafone also has the best web browsing experience in tests of the top 5 most visited pages in Portugal (,,;; These data are proved by the average time required to open these pages (Fig.5) – the shorter it is, the better the user experience – and by the high success rate in opening them (Fig.6).

The results of this study confirm Vodafone Portugal’s leadership position and are proof that the financial, technical and human investment that we have been making over the past year is bearing fruit”, says Mário Vaz, the company’s CEO, adding: “This is yet another trump card in our strategy of reinforcing our position as a leading global electronic communications operator, recognised and admired for the excellence of the service provided to our customer base”.

The P3 Communications study covers both calls made in urban environments, including district capitals and smaller Portuguese cities (a total of 24 cities) and in rural areas, including along the national highways that connect the cities where the tests were made. In total more than 1800 voice calls were made, totalling 3600 minutes of conversation. 11,000 data sessions were carried out, comprising downloads, uploads and accessing web pages.

The P3 is currently recognised internationally as the leader in measurement tests of the quality of mobile networks, and is the company selected by the Vodafone Group to make regular tests of the quality of its networks in all the countries where it operates.