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Terça-Feira, 8 de Setembro de 2015

Vodafone launches new way to make calls with Vodafone Call+ application

Vodafone has launched a worldwide pioneering application – Vodafone Call+, which promises to revolutionise the way its customers communicate. By introducing new features to traditional voice calls, this application makes communication richer and more interactive, allowing users to share experiences and unique moments in their daily lives.

When making a normal call via Vodafone Call+, users can set the level of importance and send information or photos to the screen of the recipient’s smartphone, even before the call is answered.

 Once the call is established either party can start streaming live video at any time. Users can also share their location and send photos and other files, all in real time in a practical and intuitive way.

 In addition to these features, Vodafone Call+ allows users to record, store and group the information shared during the call, such as importance, subject, text messages and photos. In this way it is easier to remember what was shared in any conversation.

 Available free for Android and iOS mobile phone operating systems, Vodafone Call+ brings more life to calls while maintaining the quality, stability and security of communications made on the Vodafone network.

 Calls made on Vodafone Call+ are charged at the customer’s normal rate, with live video free until the end of the year. Sharing content and other files is charged at the data communications rate.