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Terça-Feira, 12 de Janeiro de 2016

Vodafone to provide communications for over 7000 ATMs of the MULTIBANCO network with next generation solution

Starting in January 2016, Vodafone will provide communications services to SIBS, using its next generation networks to connect over 7000 MULTIBANCO ATMs throughout Portugal in a project of immense technological sophistication combining different fixed and mobile access technologies. This project covers ATMs that are not installed in bank branches

The agreement, signed by the CEO of the SIBS Group, Madalena Cascais Tomé, and the Chairman of Vodafone Portugal, Mário Vaz, includes the technological renovation of one of Portugal’s major communications networks, whose MULTIBANCO ATMs process 80 million operations every month.

The massive, hugely critical project has been designed to meet the needs of the MULTIBANCO network, the biggest financial services network in Portugal, and is based on a global, integrated and convergent solution which includes technical and operational management of communications between MULTIBANCO ATMs and the Data Processing Centres, as well as the total renovation of all the communications equipment.

Based on a highly developed technological infrastructure which includes the best fibre network in Europe, which currently serves over 2.2 million homes and businesses, and the use of accesses via next generation mobile communications networks, the project also includes redundancy solutions using alternative technologies, which ensure large bandwidth and high availability, resilience and access.

The project has an exclusive engineering team responsible for the design, composition and maintenance of the entire operation, integrated in Vodafone’s international monitoring centre – “Atlantic Network Operations Centre” – which monitors the networks of Portugal, Spain, the UK and Ireland 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

According to Madalena Cascais Tomé, “Portugal has one of the most advanced and complete payment systems in the world, with an ATM network with the highest number of machines per capita and which are capable of performing approximately 60 different operations. With this new partner we are able to evolve communications technology so as to further improve the level of service that MULTIBANCO already offers, with an uptime of 99.7%.”

Mário Vaz said that “the MULTIBANCO service is part of the daily lives of all Portuguese citizens. At the same time, the excellence and the innovative character of this network are recognised worldwide. Providing the technological infrastructure that enables the development and operation of this service fills us with pride and strengthens Vodafone’s position as a global operator capable of offering an excellent, truly integrated service.”


About Vodafone Portugal

Last year, Vodafone Portugal consolidated its position as a Global Telecommunications Operator with a convergent service recognised in all segments of the market. With this nationwide network coverage, it has reinforced its commitment to the fixed network with continued investment in the expansion of its next generation fibre network, which currently serves over 2.2 million homes and businesses totalling over 55% of families and businesses in Portugal.

With over 5 million customers that entrust their communications needs to it, Vodafone Portugal is a leader in innovation, brand image and customer satisfaction.

Vodafone Portugal is part of the Vodafone Group which, with over 450 million mobile customers and 12.5 million fixed customers, is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications operators.

For more information, visit the website of Vodafone Portugal at


About SIBS

Founded over three decades ago, the SIBS Group provides the most modern, reliable and secure financial services in the payments area to over 300 million users. It is an international benchmark and one of the biggest payments processors in Europe and Africa e, transacting approximately three billion financial operations worth in excess of4.5 billion euros a year. Among the brands most recognised by users are MULTIBANCO, MB NET, and more recently, MB WAY. With these services, users can pay for purchases in physical shops or online using their card or mobile phone, make transfers, pay the water or electricity bill, check their balance, top up their phone or bus pass and, naturally, withdraw money.

With a history of success marked by the innovation and competitiveness, the companies in the SIBS Group – SIBS FORWARD PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, SIBS PAGAMENTOS, SIBS CARTÕES, SIBS PROCESSOS, SIBS INTERNATIONAL and SIBS GEST – remain focused on growth and on providing innovative services that facilitate the daily lives of people and businesses.