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Clarification about Vodafone and Web Summit

The opening session of the Web Summit was affected by a technical glitch that prevented its founder performing a demonstration. At the time, Paddy Cosgrave was connected to Wi-Fi, as the attached official video of the event proves.

As is public knowledge, Vodafone is not the operator responsible for providing communications for the Web Summit. The technical problems that occurred during the Wi-Fi connection cannot under any circumstances be attributed to Vodafone.

The reference to Vodafone visible on the Paddy Cosgrave’s phone screen relates to the mobile network on which the phone was registered. However, at the time of the demonstration, the founder of the Web Summit was using the Wi-Fi network available at the venue. It is worth emphasising that whenever Wi-Fi is connected, the use of data is never effected via the mobile network on which the phone is registered.

Vodafone reinforced its network in order to ensure delivery of a high quality service to visitors to the event, as it always does, and constantly monitors the performance of the network, which has demonstrated high levels of excellence.