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Quinta-Feira, 24 de Novembro de 2016

Vodafone celebrates the magic of human relationships this Christmas

Starting today, Vodafone Portugal is presenting its Christmas campaign with a film that celebrates the magic of human relationships, even apparently less conventional ones. Because ‘at Christmas it is love that unites us’, the story of the Vodafone film for the festive season is fronted by an octogenarian grandfather with his network of affections.

Starting with the love of a daughter who finds her father a nursing home so they can begin the Christmas celebrations, the film tells a story that touches us all. It is moving story about the way we relate today and how, regardless of age, we have the power to start afresh and embrace happiness when it knocks on our door.

Recorded over three long and intense days of shooting, the film focuses on the “endless possibilities that smartphones, the internet, social networks and television offer today, including for the older generation for whom technology already plays an ever more crucial role. Interactions that contribute to maintaining a youthful outlook, preserving or reviving friendships, being closer to loved ones, or even finding a new love and seeing it being accepted by the family”, says Leonor Dias, Brand Director at Vodafone Portugal.

With this moment of communication – broadcast in full today in prime time on three national channels – Vodafone is once again showing itself alert to social trends, addressing relevant current topics as a way to enhance and inspire the lives of everybody. And Vodafone reinforces it with messages that appeal to the power of emotions and that are enhanced by technology: “Say how much you love”; “Say that you remember”; “Say that you miss someone”; “Say you have a spare seat on the sofa”; “Say Happy Christmas”.

The campaign was developed by J. Walter Thompson Lisbon and is directed by Augusto Fraga, with photographic direction by André Szankowski. Production is by Krypton Films and the music is a version of Panic is Perfect’s “Go Go Go” composed by Amoeba/Pedro Camacho. The film has three product placements, based on Vodafone’s value propositions for this Christmas:

  • Portable TV Projector, which allows users to take Vodafone TV anywhere;
  • Movie pack offer, with over 100 titles for the whole family;
  • 4G smartphones with discounts of up to €55 and Social Networks Pack offer which includes mobile data on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for 3 months.

With the Android operating system, touch pad, tripod, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the new Vodafone projector raises the multiscreen TV experience to the next level. This unique device is the ideal gift for those who like to watch TV, movies, football games and other audiovisual content on large surfaces (up to 80 inches), and allows up to two hours’ continuous projection on battery only. This device, which comes with the Vodafone TV app pre-installed, is available with new subscriptions to Tv Net Voz + Móvel for €2.50 a month for 24 months, or for any television customer for €179.90.

To make the most of the Projector, “say you have a spare seat on the sofa” with the special movie pack offer with new subscriptions to Vodafone TV, including over 100 titles to watch as many times as you want until 31 January: animation, comedy, romance and adventure, among other genres.

With the mobile offer, Vodafone is offering three months of the Social Networks Pack, which includes traffic generated by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps on the purchase of eight 4G smartphones: Vodafone Smart Ultra 7, Vodafone Smart Prime 7, Vodafone Smart Turbo 7, Huawei P9, Huawei P9 Lite, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy J3 and ZTE Blade A512. All these phones qualify for discounts ranging up to €55.

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