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Terça-Feira, 15 de Novembro de 2016

Vodafone Portugal service revenue grows 2.2% during Q2

Service Revenue grows for the 4th consecutive quarter.
  • 4G customers exceeds 1 million (+124% YoY)
  • Number of fixed customers grows 23% YoY reaching almost 550 thousand
  • 2.54 million homes and enterprises passed with FTTH 
  • Ultra-fast next generation network already exceeds 37.000 km

During Q2, Vodafone Portugal shows an overall operational increase and consolidates the improvement trend from past quarters. Service revenue reaches 236.9 million euros between July and September and grows 2.2% (Q1: 0.2%) when compared with the same period last year, supported by more-for-more propositions and healthy fixed customer growth. This performance shows a significant acceleration in the pace of growth of the main business indicator, which grows for the 4th consecutive quarter. Excluding MTR (voice) the service revenue growth reaches 2.9% YoY in Q2.

Considering the six-monthly review, the main operational indicators maintain the positive trend. Service revenue reaches 457.6 million euros (+1.2% YoY) while total revenue rises 0.6% YoY.

“Vodafone Portugal maintains the growth trend, reflecting its distinctive strategic positioning in a sector that is more and more competitive and convergent. Mobile service presents a progressive recovery, allowing Vodafone Portugal to maintain its relevant position in this segment, and in the fixed business, particularly paid TV, Vodafone has been gaining market share”, says Mário Vaz, Vodafone Portugal CEO.

Supporting this performance is a resilience of the mobile business, driven by the mobile data usage and the seasonality of summer period, and also by the strong and sustained growth in the fixed business.

In what concerns 4G, the number of customers exceeds 1 million, increasing 124% YoY, while smartphones penetration in the total customer base rises to 63.2%.

From June to September there was a strong improvement in the fixed line customer base that reached 546.5 thousand. Vodafone is the operator that has grown the most during the past 12 quarters in Pay TV, providing evidence that the market recognizes the innovative and differentiating features of Vodafone´s TV offer, as well as the quality and resilience of our network. A recent example is the recent launch of a next generation router, 4x faster than the others, that highly improves the home entertaining experience.

Equally innovative was the launch of the first telesales channel. In a partnership with El Corte Inglés, Vodafone launched “yubuy tv”, allowing customers to buy directly from the TV, in a simple and convenient way. Vodafone Portugal also launched an innovative TV App, “Studo” that encourages the practice of school exercises among children.

The second quarter was also marked by the achievement of an important milestone: Vodafone reached more than 2.5 million homes and businesses passed with its fast and reliable next generation fibre network, awarded the best fixed network in Europe by the FTTH Council Europe, and that already counts 37.000 km of extension.

“The second quarter results prove the effectiveness of our strategy. The investment in next generation networks didn’t deviate us from our main strategic aim: the excellence in the customer experience, in each single point of contact with Vodafone. And we are pleased to see that this effort is confirmed by a great leadership in the satisfaction and recommendation indicator in various market researches”, adds Mário Vaz.

In line with the strategic vision of the importance of the universality of content, that Vodafone always defended, the last quarter was marked by the deals signed with the other operators, about the access of sport content. National sport and Portuguese consumers are the main beneficiaries of this agreement and the entry of Vodafone at Sport TV social capital also guarantees a greater solidity and sustainability to the enterprise most experienced and with the biggest know how in sport content distribution in Portugal.

In the business segment, Vodafone is working closer with other enterprises and public institutions, exploring the potential of the “Internet of Things. A great example is the project developed with the Municipality of Lourinhã – “Lights On Lights Off”. The project consists in a smart illumination system that allows the monitoring and optimization of energetic consumptions. This will allow the City Hall savings around 70% and 80% in what concerns energy and represents another important project developed by Vodafone in what concerns Smart Cities.