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Terça-Feira, 29 de Março de 2016

Vodafone Portugal Foundation inaugurates Snoezelen multisensory room

Starting today, Tavira is to have a Snoezelen multisensory therapy room inaugurated by the Vodafone Portugal Foundation at the Irene Rolo Foundation, a charity supporting people from different age groups with disabilities.

From the Dutch SNUFFELEN (to sniff) and DOEZELEN (to relax), the Snoezelen room is a place which uses sensory stimulation therapies to bring relaxation and wellbeing for people with special needs It employs sensory stimuli such as the effects of music, sounds, light and tactile stimulation, used individually or in combination,. A major advantage of this therapy is that it does not rely on verbal communication, so it can offer stimuli to people who would otherwise be difficult to reach.

The room is equipped with special equipment designed for people with neuromotor and cognitive limitations. To promote self-control, independence and a spirit of discovery and exploration, these people can make use of different therapy stations, including water columns, fibre optics, padded platforms, water beds, swings, and light and colour projectors. The room is also equipped with a touch-screen computer and software suitable for multiple disability units which includes some 40 activities for developing different capabilities, for example, by experimenting with the cause and effect relationship or precisely controlling a mouse cursor.

The Snoezelen room will enable users of the Irene Rolo Foundation, as well as other Tavira institutions with which the Foundation has agreements, to benefit from therapy sessions properly monitored by trained specialists.


 About the Irene Rolo Foundation

The Irene Rolo Foundation, a charity established by the donation of Irene Dulce da Palma Arez Rolo on 15 April 1982, exists to help people with special needs and their families and other vulnerable groups in terms of prevention, care, rehabilitation, vocational training and social inclusion, with a view to enhancing their quality of life.


About the Vodafone Portugal Foundation

The Vodafone Portugal Foundation is a not-for-profit institution with its own funds, established to contribute to the development of the Information Society, combat info-exclusion and disseminate mobile telecommunications technologies. Since its creation in April 2001, the Foundation has supported projects in areas such as Health, Education, Safety and the Information Society, operating as a key tool of Vodafone Portugal’s Social Responsibility strategy. Rather than simply making a financial contribution, the support provided to projects by the Vodafone Portugal Foundation is given in the form of help with specifying partners’ needs, planning, implementing and monitoring projects, and ensuring their effectiveness and success, in all cases in cooperation with outside organisations including NGOs and public bodies.