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Terça-Feira, 1 de Março de 2016

Vodafone recruits young talent

Discover Vodafone Graduates Programme 2016


  • Applications now open
  • Vodafone has recruited over 100 professionals

Vodafone today launched a further edition of Discover Vodafone Graduates, one of the largest graduate programmes in Portugal, which selects and recruits young people with high potential to join the Company. Applications are now open and can be made on the Vodafone Portugal website.


The Discover Vodafone Graduates Programme is aimed at young people with degrees in areas such as engineering, marketing, management and economics. During the first 24 months of their career in Vodafone, the young people are mentored by a senior member of the team – a ‘buddy’ – who helps with their induction and guides their professional development.


Throughout the duration of the programme, the Graduates spend time in three different business areas, in one of which they undertake a contact project with a customer. The other two areas are matched to their academic profile. This experience is designed to enhance their development and, together with the training opportunities available in the organisation, helps to improve their technical and management skills.


One of the distinguishing features of Discover Vodafone Graduates is that these young people have the opportunity to apply for the Columbus Programme, which provides international experience in one of the 20 countries where Vodafone Group operates.


Applications are open to students who have already completed a Masters, or who are currently finishing it. Vodafone is looking for motivated, dynamic and ambitious young people who are able to participate actively in the development of innovative products and services.Fluency in English is essential and international experience is an advantage.


Since it was created in 2009, the Discover Vodafone Graduates Programme has recruited over 100 employees to Vodafone who have developed their professional skills and contributed to the Company’s growth.




Vodafone Portugal Website