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Terça-Feira, 12 de Abril de 2016

Inviita, the winner of Vodafone BIG Smart Cities in 2014, highlighted by Apple for the second time

For the second time in the space of just six months, Apple has highlighted the Portuguese Inviita app as one of the applications that travellers should most consider.

After having named Inviita as “Best New App” in the week of its launch in October, the US company has now highlighted it in 20 countries, recommending the app to those who are planning a city break. This is an honour granted only to the best apps in the world.

Winner of Vodafone BIG Smart Cities 2014 – the entrepreneurship and innovation competition organised by Vodafone Power Lab, which is run this year in partnership with Ericsson and is currently open for entries – Inviita creates itineraries based on the user’s mood and does not just give suggestions of places of interest depending on the location. Instead, it offers a range of experiences and personalised itineraries in a simple and intuitive way.

Available in any city in the world, the app, which was designed and developed in Portugal, already has a global community of over 16,000 users in 128 countries, of which Portugal, the UK and Spain are the leaders.

With a strong social component, the app allows users to create a network of friends and to plan group experiences. Using their network of Facebook friends or their address book, users can invite people to join in their plans to generate group itineraries. In addition, users can find friends on Inviita and follow them to give inspiration to their itineraries.