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Segunda-Feira, 23 de Maio de 2016

SMS and Chat now available from computers with Vodafone Message+

Vodafone is now offering a new version of the Vodafone Message+ service, which allows customers to send, receive and manage mobile phone messages directly on their computer or tablet. With this move, Vodafone Message+ Web Access has become the most varied, practical and innovative messaging service.

Vodafone Message+ is a service that offers customers a new experience in the way they communicate by integrating all messages (SMS, MMS and Chat) in just one application. Another of the features of Message+ is the guarantee that messages are always delivered to their recipients, whether or not they are connected to the internet. This advantage applies even when recipients do not have the app installed, in which case the messages are delivered by SMS or MMS.

With this upgrade, customers can read and reply to all chat messages or SMS, not just on their mobile phone but also via their computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) or tablet (Android). They can also send and receive photos, videos, and share their location and recorded voice messages.

They can also make and receive calls from their computer, and see on the screen who is calling, as this service is also integrated with Vodafone Call+.

Chat messages sent and received by Message+ and Call+ use the RCS (Rich Communications Services) advanced protocol, a telecommunications industry standard supported by operators and equipment manufacturers all over the world.

Message+ can be downloaded free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.