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Terça-Feira, 17 de Maio de 2016

Vodafone Portugal announces Q4 Results

Return to Total Revenue Growth +3.9% YoY Service Revenue growth: +3.5% (Q3: +0.6%) Fixed Service Revenue growth: +34.1% (Q3: +40.8%) Fixed customers grows +28% YoY reaching 496K (Q3: 473K) FTTH deployment reaches 2.36M HH

Over the last quarter, that closes the fiscal year 2015-2016, Vodafone Portugal consolidated the improvement trend of its performance. During Q4, service revenue was +3.5% YoY (Q3: +0.6%) reaching 221M euros. Excluding MTR the service revenue growth reaches 4.9% YoY. Total revenue growth reversed the downwards tendency reaching 3.9% YoY (Q3: -1.1%).

This performance was driven by the recovery of mobile, as a result of a complete and competitive commercial offer, and the continuous growth in fixed – Vodafone Portugal has been growing for the past 10 consecutive quarters. From January to March, fixed service revenue growth was 34.1% YoY (Q3: 40.8%) reaching 40.7M euros and was driven by the growth of the customer base: +28.1% YoY (Q3: 32.3%) reaching almost 500 thousand, of which 442k are fixed broadband customers.

FTTH deployment reached 2.36 million homes passed with its fast and reliable next generation fibre network, that allows speeds up to 1GB (download and upload), access to 130 channels, the best quality in image (HD and 4K), access to more than 10.000 films available at the Video Club and the possibility of viewing Vodafone TV anywhere in any device.

Also part of SPRING investment, the 4G population coverage reached 96% at the end of Q4, with customer mobile data usage increasing 84% YoY and 4G customers increasing 182% YoY and reaching 828 thousand. This growth reinforces Vodafone commitment in delivering the best network experience to all of its customers. Vodafone was once again recognised as leader in the quality and performance of mobile networks among telecommunications operators in Portugal. In this independent study led by P3 Communications, Vodafone Portugal´s performance reaches speeds up to 4times higher than the other operators.

In what concerns the annual evolution, Vodafone Portugal closed the fiscal year (April 2015-March 2016) with a service revenue growth of 0.3%. At the same time total revenue is showing signs of recovery (-0.2%). Fixed customer base grew 28.1% and broadband customers grew 33.7%.

“Vodafone Portugal closed the fiscal year with results that represent the consolidation of our strategy. Our commitment to offer the best experience and service to customers, the strong investment in the enlargement of our fixed and mobile next generation network, the reinforcement of enterprise and youth segments and our leading role in innovation proves that we are on the right track”, says Mario Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.

During the last quarter, Vodafone was the first operator in Portugal to end roaming charges in Europe. All customers who now subscribe to the new Vodafone RED plans or convergent packages (TvNetVoz+Mobile) will be able to communicate in Europe at no additional cost, paying only the same charges as in Portugal.

Vodafone Portugal also launched the first portable TV Box, which enables customers to instantly access the TV Net Voz service via a basic internet connection. Thanks to its small size and the possibility of connecting via Wi-Fi, the Portable TV Box is the ideal solution for extending the television service.