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Terça-Feira, 6 de Setembro de 2016

Vodafone launches first TV app that encourages schoolchildren to do school exercises at home

• Studo was designed by a Vodafone TV Net Voz customer who is a primary school teacher; • The app features exercises that when solved unlock access to the TV; • Available free to all Vodafone TV Net Voz customers.

In time for the start of another school year, Vodafone is preparing for an innovative new term. Coming to Vodafone television this month is Studo, an interactive application that challenges schoolchildren with school exercises to do at home and which, when they are solved, unblocks their favourite channels.

All thanks to a simple and intuitive application: the television is blocked until the student successfully completes the study plan set by their parents. It is they who control and decide the days and times and the number of questions they want their children to answer.

The content, which in this launch phase is focused on mathematics, is aligned with the Primary Education Curriculum. It has been developed by an expert team of primary school teachers and will be available throughout the school year.

When used for the first time, the user creates a character, and defines the year of schooling and area of mathematics to be explored. The questions are then selected automatically by Studo, taking these variables into account. Once the exercises are completed, the television is then unblocked.

The general presentation of Studo is very appealing, with cartoonlike graphics and a format in the style of a game to make the application easy usable by children. Points are won for each correct answer, and the character evolves in line with the individual student’s performance in the application. When the answer is wrong, Studo provides help to improve understanding of the subject matter.

Conceived by a primary school teacher who listened for years to teachers complaining about the mesmerizing effect that television has on students and taking away time and dedication from school tasks, Studo aims to be an ally for parents in ensuring that time for homework does not take second place.

It was when he was zapping channels at home that teacher João Tiago Martins, a Vodafone TV+Net+Voz customer, had the idea for Studo, after seeing an advertisement for the first TV Innovation Challenge, a competition organised by Vodafone Power Lab to gather creative ideas for innovating the television service in Portugal.

After winning the competition, Studo began to be developed as a partnership between João Tiago Martins and Carbon, a company of the BOLD International Group responsible for developing the application exclusively for Vodafone.

The result is an educational and motivational television app of that is bound to captivate parents and students.

Happy new school term!