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Terça-Feira, 17 de Outubro de 2017

Vodafone launches first digital and futuristic project in Portugal

Vodafone Future is a platform exclusively communicating innovative projects and new technological trends.

Vodafone Portugal today launches the first project in Portugal with content exclusively aimed at the future. Vodafone Future is the name of the project aiming to communicate to the general public new technological trends and the most innovative global projects that promise to revolutionise society.

In the week in which it celebrates its 25th anniversary, with this launch Vodafone is reinforcing its commitment to technological innovation. In an indisputable testament to Vodafone’s desire to be at the side of all the Portuguese to enable them to benefit from the potential of new technologies, Vodafone Future has an inspirational and, at the same time, educational aspect. Future-oriented, the platform communicates the potential of new trends while demystifying their use and impact on society.

The platform contains short videos on six different themes: health, entertainment, digital life, science, education and society. The content of the videos focuses on global, disruptive projects which are presented to users in the voices of the ‘brilliant minds’ that developed them. Users can see through these the way technology is evolving and how it can have a positive impact on their lives.

On Vodafone Future it is possible to watch, for example, a video featuring Massimo Marchiori, the mathematician who developed the famous Google algorithm; learn more about cultivated fields in buildings which will serve to feed populations; or see how a completely silent virtual drum set was developed.

The videos will be published weekly on the YouTube channel of Vodafone Portugal and distributed through two media partners – Global Media and Impresa. In the Global Media group, the platform will be distributed on the websites of Jornal de Notícias and Diário de Notícias. And in the Impresa group, it will be distributed on the website of Expresso. The platform will also have a regular feature on the homepage of the three publications and will have an exclusive sub-domain on each one of them:, and, available from tomorrow.

At a time when a broad process of digital transformation is under way, this content marketing project shows that Vodafone is constantly reinventing its way of communicating and positioning itself at the forefront of technological change.

With this platform, the Company is encouraging its customers to embrace technological advances at their own pace and reinforces the motto that the future is incredible and that Vodafone is ready to welcome it.

To learn more about the platform, just go to this link.