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Terça-Feira, 17 de Outubro de 2017

Vodafone marks 25 years innovating in communications in Portugal

Launch of Vodafone Future – the first digital project to add futuristic content and demystify new technological trends.

Vodafone Portugal celebrates its 25th anniversary tomorrow. More just than marking a milestone in time, 18 October represents a new page in the history of the Company on the way to an “incredible future” – the positioning that the brand has just adopted.

In 1992 Telecel began its service to the public with an ambition: to radically change the telecommunications market in Portugal and transform the way people and companies communicate.

Consistently at the forefront of technological innovation and anticipating the needs and expectations of customers and the general public, the Company soon marked itself out with the fastest installation ever of a GSM network and the first truly nationwide one.

The undeniable agent of the liberalisation of the sector, Vodafone has been responsible for several important milestones in the national and international landscape over the last 25 years. The introduction of mobile phones into the daily lives of millions of consumers; the first 24 hours, seven days a week customer support service; seven days a week; the excitement of Vitaminas; the creation of Yorn, the first disruptive offer for young people; the pioneering One Net service for businesses; leadership of the launch of 3G and 4G; the democratisation of Internet access and the offer of next generation TV Net Voz; and the first 1Gbps offer, are just a few examples of many historical landmarks.

The success achieved in the mobile service is being repeated in the fixed service. Vodafone is today a global, convergent operator with the best and biggest next generation mobile network and the most modern optical fibre network in Portugal. It has been the fastest growing pay-TV operator for nearly four years; more than 1.5 million Portuguese consumers already watch Vodafone TV; and it is responsible for more than a quarter of retail revenues in the market.

 “At Vodafone we continue to be ever firmer in our commitment to Looking Forward. The Company is building the foundations of the future in the present. This is exemplified by the ground-breaking 4.5G and 5G tests, as well as the recently signed partnership to reach 4 million homes connected to the next generation fibre network, generating greater market dynamism and competition. Vodafone is showing by this that it will be a pillar of the construction of the Gigabit Society. In the coming years we will pursue a sound investment strategy to maximise the potential that the sector offers and continue to write the history of communications in Portugal”, said Mário Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.

A quarter of a century later, Vodafone is still inventing the future. In an increasingly challenging and global market context, Vodafone has today a next generation network infrastructure which will enable it to respond to tomorrow’s challenges and ensure access by everyone to the benefits of the digital economy.

In preparing its network for a progressive transition to next-generation communications, Vodafone positioned itself to achieve a new milestone this month: it was the first operator to test the 5G network in Portugal in a real environment, reaching speeds of 20Gbps.

On its way to this new era of communications, the Company has been turning new technological trends into reality, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Cloud Computing and Big Data, proving that technology is a fundamental ally in improving the lives of people and businesses.

The commitment to Portugal and the Portuguese will also continue to be strengthened through the Vodafone Foundation with the development of projects that, in cooperation with recognised civil society organisations, aim to improve the quality of life of the community and promote sustainability in its economic, social and environmental aspects.

Vodafone’s strategy to address the challenges of the future is only possible thanks to the confidence and willingness of our shareholder, the unflagging dedication of our employees and the cooperation of our partners, enabling the Company to be one of the most admired in Portugal.

Vodafone Future platform is launched today

Vodafone Portugal today launches the first platform entirely focused on futuristic content. With its title fully aligned with Vodafone’s new positioning and the motto for its 25th anniversary celebrations, Vodafone Future will unveil innovative worldwide projects in health, entertainment, digital life, science, education and society.

In an indisputable testament to Vodafone’s desire to be at the side of all the Portuguese to enable them to benefit at their own pace from the potential of new technologies, Vodafone Future has an inspirational, and at the same time, educational aspect. At the same time as it reveals the potential of new trends, the platform will demystify their use and impact on society.