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Quarta-Feira, 1 de Fevereiro de2017

Vodafone tops independent surveys by DECO PROTESTE and P3

DECO PROTESTE awards Vodafone’s mobile internet “Best in Test” accolade and P3 Communications consultancy endorses award and also highlights the operator’s voice services

Vodafone Portugal has been recognised by DECO PROTESTE as the “Best in Test – Mobile Internet” telecommunications operator, as measured by the QualRede application. This distinction is joined by that of P3 Communications – the global leader in network quality measurement tests – which confirms Vodafone as the operator that provides the best experience in mobile voice and internet services throughout Portugal.

DECO PROTESTE’s QualRede application enables any telecommunication services customer to test the quality and speed of their mobile internet. Download and upload speeds are analysed, together with the quality of web browsing and streaming on YouTube. Vodafone leads in all these indicators, outpacing its main competitors. The score (15,024) was calculated from tests conducted by its users.

In turn, P3 Communications recognises Vodafone as the best telecommunications operator in Portugal for the third consecutive half-year, in terms of both voice quality and mobile data, in a survey conducted in 20 cities and towns over a total of over 4000 tests.

The result – 915 out of a total of 1000 -–positions Vodafone Portugal on one of the highest standards of excellence worldwide, placing it in the top 5 when compared with all the European operators measured by P3.


P3 Communications results

  •  The fastest internet in both download and upload

Vodafone Portugal has the best performance in downloading and uploading files everywhere in Portugal, transferring a 500MB file in just ten seconds. These results are up to 2x higher compared with other operators in the market.

  •  The best web browsing experience

Vodafone provides the best browsing experience, achieving the fastest speeds accessing the favourite websites of the Portuguese, no matter where they are. The tests focused on the websites most visited in Portugal and the data reflect the average time required to open these pages. The shorter it is, the better the user experience.

  •  Streaming in high definition without interruptions

Vodafone Portugal has the best HD streaming experience on YouTube, ensuring video viewing without interruptions everywhere in Portugal, including small towns and major highways.

  • The voice service with the best sound quality

Vodafone Portugal stands out not only for its low call failure rate (up to 3x lower), as well as the voice quality, and is the only operator to provide almost complete coverage with HD-Voice technology. This technology provides a significant upgrade in the sound quality of calls, which is clearer and sharper.


Multimedia campaign to be aired from today

“Test-beating mobile network” is the claim of Vodafone Portugal’s new multimedia campaign fronted by Diogo Valsassina and the current national rally champion duo sponsored by the operator (José Pedro Fontes and Inês Ponte). Unveiled today, the campaign brings together the actor and the rally drivers to show that Vodafone’s mobile network is the best in Portugal and operates at full speed, as shown by the surveys conducted by DECO PROTESTE and P3 Communications.


The DECO PROTESTE QualRede survey is available here.

A summary of the P3 survey is available on the Vodafone Portugal website.

The full P3 survey is available on the consultancy’s website.


About Deco Proteste

DECO PROTESTE is the largest consumer organisation in Portugal, with over 470,000 members. Over the past 25 years, DECO PROTESTE has defended the interests and rights of consumers.


About P3 Communications

P3 is currently recognised internationally as the leader in mobile network quality measurement tests, and is the company selected by major companies worldwide to test the quality of their networks.