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Domingo, 14 de Maio de 2017

Analysis of the Vodafone operation in Fátima

More than 1 million voice minutes recorded (+106% compared with 2016).
  • More than 5TB (terabytes) of data processed (+406% compared with 2016)
  • 71% of data traffic supported on the 4G network
  • Press and TV and radio studios area covered by Vodafone fibre

Following the end of the visit of Pope Francisco and the celebration of the centenary of Fátima, Vodafone Portugal has taken stock of the work on the ground.

For the purpose, given the size and complexity of the event, which brought thousands of people to Fátima, Vodafone Portugal implemented an exhaustive plan to reinforce the 2G, 3G and 4G coverage and capacity of its network, increasing capacity by 94% in relation to the celebrations in previous years.

The main objective of this reinforcement of the network was to ensure significant improvement in the communications, voice and data experience, with traffic increasing exponentially over the same period in the previous year. During 12 and 13 May, more than 1 million voice minutes were recorded (+106%) and more than 5 terabytes of data were processed (+406%), 71% of which were in 4G. The main peaks in communication occurred after 7 pm on 12 May and after 1 pm on 13 May.

During these two days, Vodafone Portugal was responsible for providing fixed internet and Wi-Fi services in the Sanctuary of Fátima and in the press area, including the television and radio studios on the site.  These areas were linked by a redundant dark fibre ring, which ensured the quality and performance of internet and Wi-Fi services, allowing journalists to communicate simultaneously and in real time, and ensuring the success of the numerous media reports in different areas of the precinct.

Vodafone is proud to have contributed to the success of the papal visit.