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Terça-Feira, 16 de Maio de 2017

Vodafone Portugal presents fiscal year results

Service Revenue grew 1.7% between April 2016 and March 2017.
  • In Q4 Service Revenue grew 2.2%, the sixth consecutive quarter of growth
  • 4G costumers reached 1.4 million
  • FTTH deployment reached 2.7 million

During the last quarter, that closes the fiscal year 2016-2017, Service Revenue grew supported by strong fixed customer growth.

During Q4, service revenue totalized €226M, an increase of 2.2% on an organic basis when compared with the same period last year and identical to the last quarter (Q3: +2.2%). In Q4, total revenue, which includes equipment sales, grew 1.7% on an organic basis (Q3: +2.0%). This performance enhances the positive trend of one of the most important business indicators for the sixth consecutive quarter. Over the full year, service revenue grew 1.7% on an organic basis.

This performance was driven by the strong growth in fixed service revenue and by the growth of the fixed customer base: +18.8% YoY, reaching more than 590,000 customers. At the end of Q4, Vodafone´s next generation FTTH network reached 2.7 million homes and businesses, also allowing Vodafone to be the operator that grows the most in Pay TV for the past 13 consecutive quarters, according to ANACOM studies.

At the end of March, the number of mobile customers reached 4.716 million, representing a slight reduction of 2.8% when compared with march 2016, but with an increased weight of 4G customers, which represent 1.38 million (+66.1% YoY). In what concerns data usage the increase during the same period was 76.5% year on year.

“The indicators of the fiscal year 2016-2017 show that Vodafone Portugal continues showing a positive service revenue trend during a convergence period, reflecting a solid investment and business diversification strategy. The focus on the customer, the strong investment in the expansion and modernisation of our fixed and mobile next generation networks and the key role in innovation, allows us to deliver more value, strengthening our competitive position in the sector”, says Mario Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.

Vodafone is commited in delivering the best communication experience in all segments.

In mobile, Vodafone was recognized by independent entities such as DECO Proteste, that granted Vodafone´s mobile internet the seal “Best in Test” and P3 Communications, that elected Vodafone as the best telecom operator for the third consecutive semester, both for the quality of its voice and data.

In fixed, the results show that customers recognize the unique features of TV Net Voz, a multiscreen service availabe  anywhere and anytime, that includes more than 200 channels, the best HD and 4K content, more than 10.000 titles on demand, as well as the rewarded Netflix series, and with new router, wi-fi speeds up to 4 times faster.

At the enterprise segment, the highlight goes to the project developed with Cascais Municipality. Vodafone is now the service provider of mobile and fixed communications of Cascais, through a global, convergent and tailored made solution.

“Over the final quarter of the year we reaffirmed our primary goal: to deliver an outstanding service to our customers. This has been our commitment over the last 25 years, which is the anniversary that we will be commemorating on the 18th of October. As always, Vodafone will continue to play a determinant role in the telecommunications sector, contributing decisively towards the digital revolution underway”, adds Mário Vaz.

 Always looking ahead, Vodafone Portugal became one of the first European operators to successfully test 4,5G speeds – the anticipation of 5G, the mobile network of the future. The demo took place with Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies and reached 1GB speeds without cable connection.

During the period in question, Vodafone Portugal extended its vast portfolio of IoT solutions to the autonomous region of Azores, showing how technology is able to reduce the effects of insularity, promoting a unified Country.

Equally innovative was the launch of the interactive service TVI Player and the partnership with Google, allowing Vodafone customers to buy services at Google Play through the balance or invoice of the mobile account.