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Quinta-Feira, 18 de Maio de 2017

Vodafone wins tender to supply communications for Lisbon City Council

Vodafone Portugal will supply communications services for Lisbon City Council based on a global solution tailored to the Council’s requirements.

The contract provides for the supply of next generation high-speed optical fibre infrastructures for the Council’s data network, internet access, fixed voice services, extranet and mass SMS sending and receiving services.

Selected following a public tender, Vodafone will be responsible for yet another project of great scope and sophistication, reinforcing its positioning as a global operator capable of offering a truly integrated service of excellence.

In addition to providing these new services for the Council, Vodafone already supplies all 4G mobile communications with broadband included, and related technical support.

“This is a further example of the degree of trust that the market has come to place in Vodafone. These multiplatform solutions confirm Vodafone’s ability to develop value-added proposals, both for local authorities and for companies, contributing decisively to positioning Portugal in the vanguard of digital transformation”, said João Mendes Dias, director of Vodafone Portugal’s corporate business unit.

Vodafone’s solution, supported on a next generation optical fibre network that currently serves 2.7 million homes and businesses, is scalable and flexible, enabling it to respond to the Council’s current and future communications needs. At the same time, it ensures maximum reliability and security of data traffic.

With a strong presence in the Portuguese business community, Vodafone works daily to strengthen links with its customers by creating unrivalled partnership relationships based on the supply of mobile and fixed connectivity services and distinctive services such as One Net , M2M solutions and management of services in the cloud.