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Segunda-Feira, 10 de Julho de 2017

Vodafone Foundation returns to Portugal’s beaches with awareness campaigns

The Vodafone Portugal Foundation’s “Champions’ Summer” campaign is taking place all over Portugal in partnership with the Directorate-General of the National Maritime Authority and the Portuguese Lifeboat Institution.

Through to 15 August, 29 beaches in Portugal will be the scene of various awareness events throughout the summer aimed at children and teenagers, covering safety, environment and accessibility.

Various activities are being organised such as games illustrating the risks caused by carelessness on the beaches, and information is being given about safe behaviour on beaches through simple and fun educational games.

As part of the Healthy Beaches programme, over 350 campaigns have been organised in the last eleven years, directly involving around 300,000 children and teenagers. Also during this period, the programme has covered a total of 185 beaches, where over 700 rescues and more than 1,100 assistance actions were made with equipment such as jet skis and 4×4 rescue vehicles donated by the Vodafone Foundation. These initiatives, like the Champions’ Summer campaign, have contributed to reducing the number of accidents on bathing beaches.


10 July: Tamariz

11 July: Morena

12 July: Princesa

1 August: Meia Praia

2 August: Porto de Mós

3 August: Alvor

4 August: Praia da Rocha

5 August: Armação de Pêra

6 August: Galé

7 August: Pescadores – Albufeira

8 August: Praia do Inatel

9 August: Maria Luísa

10 August: Rocha Baixinha

11 August: Vilamoura

12 August: Quarteira

13 August: Ilha de Faro

14 August: Alagoa

15 August: Monte Gordo