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Sexta-Feira, 28 de Julho de 2017

Vodafone Portugal brings 4G to the tunnels of the Autonomous Region of Madeira

Vodafone Portugal has completed a further stage of its ambitious project to continuously improve the coverage and capacity of its next-generation mobile network, fulfilling its promise to deliver the best service anywhere in Portugal from the north to the south, including the Madeira and Azores archipelagos.

One of the elements of this project has brought 4G technology to the road tunnels in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (ARM).

The initiative covers the enhancement of 2G technology and the implementation of the 3G and 4G networks in the road tunnels of the ARM, a total of 30 km, enabling fast and efficient transmission of voice and mobile data where previously only voice was available.

In addition to the introduction of these technologies, this large scale, highly sophisticated project includes the modernisation of various repeaters in the tunnels of Madeira. These repeaters, which strengthen and amplify the signal, are incorporated in a monitoring platform, which enables Vodafone to respond immediately to any need for intervention.

The tunnels include dozens of public places and ARM customers covered by the project, which include car parks, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants. With this investment Vodafone is improving the quality of its service, providing the inhabitants of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the high numbers of tourists to the archipelago an even better communication experience, while contributing to improving safety in the areas involved.

“In order to continue to guarantee an excellent service to its customers, Vodafone has under way a truly transformational project to expand and modernise its next-generation fixed and mobile network infrastructures to reach all parts of the country. This project, in particular the network reinforcement carried out in the tunnels, attests yet again to Vodafone’s strategic commitment to the development of Portugal at the same speed, helping to reduce the effects of island or interior remoteness and promote territorial cohesion”, said João Nascimento, Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone Portugal.

 The project also covers mainland Portugal

In parallel, Vodafone has completed another phase of the project in all districts of mainland Portugal with 3G and 4G technologies.  Among the public places that have seen improvement are car parks, shopping centres, tunnels, hotels and restaurants. This investment provides Vodafone customers with greater coverage and capacity, not only in the outdoor environment but also inside buildings.

Investment in the modernisation of the mobile network and the development of increasingly advanced features enables Vodafone to respond to the growing importance given by consumers to mobile data, thus contributing to the democratisation of its use nationally.

This ongoing investment by Vodafone ensures the excellence of service that characterises the Company and which is recognized by several independent bodies such as DECO Proteste, which awarded Vodafone’s mobile Internet the “Best of Test” seal, and the international consultancy P3 Communications which, in surveys conducted to date, has voted Vodafone the operator with the best voice and internet services quality in Portugal.