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Terça-Feira, 1 de Agosto de 2017

Vodafone’s 4G enhances live tours business in Lisbon

Electric Rent introduces concept of electric car tours with automatic live streaming to social networks
  • Tourists do not need to use mobile phones to post on social networks
  • Start-up is being incubated at Vodafone Power Lab, Vodafone Portugal’s entrepreneurship support programme

The start-up Electric Rent & Advertising has launched a new sightseeing concept in Lisbon: live tours in electric cars enhanced by Vodafone’s 4G network, which allow live streaming to social networks without the user needing to use their mobile phone to record videos, take photos or just make a post.

In an increasingly challenging world in terms of connectivity, Live Electric Tours have been created to meet the needs of the thousands of foreign tourists who visit Lisbon every year and who want to share their experiences on the streets of the capital immediately.

Before starting the tour, users are given a briefing on how to drive an electric vehicle as well as on the live streaming function that is automatically available as soon as the vehicle starts. The live streaming content is shared to the Live Electric Tours account on Facebook, and users can share the video with just one click.

The basis of the electric cars’ technology is Vodafone’s next-generation mobile network, which supports all the live streaming connections as well as free Wi-Fi and the GPS Audio Guide, a smart travel assistant that provides information on the places of greatest interest in the city as users pass them.

In the start-up phase, there are four live tours to explore, whose prices range from €25 (for one hour) to €59 (for three hours):

  • Lisbon B Side (2 hrs), from Martim Moniz to LxFactory to discover multicultural, cosmopolitan and trendy Lisbon;
  • Lisbon Light (2 hrs 30 min), from LxFactory to Terreiro do Paço to discover the capital’s riverside;
  • Lisbon Best Views (3 hrs), from Restauradores to the viewpoint in Parque Eduardo VII to observe the best views of Lisbon with its seven hills;
  • Lisbon Free Ride (1 hr), with no defined route, with tourists travelling as the fancy takes them.

Electric Rent & Advertising was founded six months ago and is being incubated at Vodafone Power Lab, Vodafone Portugal’s entrepreneurship support programme. This support has been key to Electric Rent being able to develop its project and now to bring it to market.

According to Djalmo Gomes, the founder of Electric Rent, Live Tours are “a disruptive and fun way to get to know a city, at the same time as sharing this discovery live with all our friends, family and followers on social networks. Our main target is the millennials who visit Lisbon, but our ambition is to export the project to other Portuguese cities in 2018 and if all goes well, to the rest of Europe the following year”, he adds.

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