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Quarta-Feira, 17 de Outubro de 2018

Vodafone propels companies ahead of their time

What do an ice-cream maker, a radical sports tracking company, a car parts manufacturer, a university and a lighting company have in common? They are all ahead of their time and count on Vodafone as a partner in digital transformation.

Putting into practice its latest positioning – “The Future is exciting. Ready?”– Vodafone Portugal is helping the Portuguese business community to be better prepared for the coming digital challenges by offering solutions tailored to the needs of each organisation. Whether with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions or other services, Santini, Sonafi, Flymaster, the Autonomous University of Lisbon and Schréder are working today with the technology of tomorrow.

Vodafone has chosen 2018 to be the year of digital transformation and the results are already evident in companies of different sizes operating in the most varied sectors. The five selected examples feature inspiring stories of “digitalism”.


The making of Santini ice cream is artisanal, but the operation of the company could not be more technological. With Vodafone IoT solutions, Santini respects tradition and is set for an expanding future.


A manufacturer of aluminium moulds for major vehicle brands, with Vodafone IoT solutions Sonafi was able to reduce waste and increase its efficiency by 15%.


Flymaster Avionics specialises in navigation instruments and software for paragliding and ultralight flights. With IoT Global Cards, it operates in 96 countries and ensures greater safety in its customers’ flights.

Autonomous University of Lisbon

The Autonomous University of Lisbon, with more than 30 years’ experience, is at the forefront of digital transformation. With the implementation of Vodafone One Net, it was able to provide communications services to its employees anywhere, contributing to a 60% increase in users, among other benefits.


The leading brand in lighting solutions, it is present in various flagship projects. With the installation of optical fibre and a mobile tariff integrated with Vodafone One Net, Schréder has gained a new, more efficient and innovative way of communicating, and a cost reduction of around 30%.