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Terça-Feira, 9 de Outubro de 2018

Yorn launches first talent show for YouTubers

YornTubers to test 11 contestants to find the next big YouTube star.
  • The new 100% digital format will feature Sea3P0, Miguel Paraíso, Angie Costa and Paulo Sousa as judges
  • The winner will gain a trip to a YouTube international training centre

Yorn is to produce the first 100% digital talent show for YouTubers with the aim of finding the next big YouTube star in Portugal. In the competition, entitled YornTubers, entrants will be evaluated each week by a panel of judges consisting of the Portuguese YouTuber with the most followers, Sea3P0 (who will also play the role of presenter), and by the now-famous Miguel Paraíso, Angie Costa and Paulo Sousa.

Applications for YornTubers are open on the official website of Yorn ( until 23 October. Following the digital casting, there will be a face-to-face selection on 27 October with the 20 best candidates, and the 11 finalists will be selected at that time. Entrants must be over 14 years of age and will be given a new YouTube channel when they enter the competition. If any of the selected contestants already have an account on YouTube they will have to suspend it for the duration of the competition.

The première of YornTubers is scheduled for 6 November on Yorn’s YouTube channel, with a new episode released every Tuesday. In each programme the contestants will have to produce a thematic video, responding to a different challenge every week. The videos on each theme will then be evaluated by the panel of judges, who will choose the best and worst of the week, leading to the awarding of advantages and eliminations.

The final will take place in January and the overall winner will be rewarded with a visit to a YouTube international training centre.

YornTubers originated from the partnership between Vodafone and SamyRoad, which specialises in creating content projects and strategies, bringing brands together with thousands of digital influencers.

Further information here.