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Terça-Feira, 30 de Outubro de 2018

YornTubers receives over 300 applications and reveals grand prize

YornTubers begins on Tuesday 6 November.
  • The new 100% digital format will feature Sea3P0, Miguel Paraíso, Angie Costa and Paulo Sousa as judges
  • The winner will receive a training trip to London including a visit to YouTube Space

YornTubers – the first 100% digital talent show for YouTubers – has received over 300 applications and has already selected the 11 candidates who will compete for the title of next big YouTube star in Portugal.

The YornTubers première is scheduled for Tuesday 6 November, with the airing of the first episode on Yorn’s YouTube channel. The entrants are being presented to the public today at the studios where the show will be recorded.

Each week, the entrants will be evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of the Portuguese YouTuber with the most followers, Sea3P0 (who will also have the role of presenter), and by the now-famous Miguel Paraíso, Angie Costa and Paulo Sousa.

In each programme the contestants will have to produce a thematic video, responding to a different challenge every week. The videos on each theme will then be evaluated by the panel of judges, who will choose the best and worst of the week, leading to the awarding of advantages and eliminations.

The grand final of YornTubers will take place live on 26 January, with the audience being able to vote for their favourite YouTuber. The prize for the overall winner is a training trip to London with a visit to YouTube Space, a creative centre equipped with all the multimedia resources a YouTuber needs to create their content.

Being a YouTuber is the third most popular job among Portuguese young people

The large number of applications to YornTubers corroborates the survey carried out for Vodafone in March by the YouGov international consultancy on the possible launch of a programme to help young people find their career in the future digital economy, which concluded that the third most attractive job for young people between the ages of 18 and 24 in Portugal is to be a YouTuber.

For Yorn, promoting this opportunity to those who aspire to become YouTubers, and discovering the talent and vocation for it, is a natural step for the Vodafone brand for the young segment. “YornTubers implements, in a very special way, the positioning of the Yorn brand, which is to help young people make the most of their potential and what makes them unique and special. At a time when digital content is of such importance in the lives of young people, we want to motivate the younger generation and give them the opportunities and tools to realise their dreams”, said Joana Alfieri, Brand Manager of Vodafone.

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