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Quinta-Feira, 15 de Novembro de 2018

Vodafone app simplifies the daily lives of Portuguese families

The Vodafone My Family service is a groundbreaker in the Portuguese market.
  • Sharing calendars and shopping lists, checking children’s location and managing Wi-Fi or home TV are just some of the features of My Family
  • The solution can be used immediately and intuitively on smartphones or via Vodafone’s television service

Vodafone today launched the Vodafone My Family service, an innovative mobile and TV app that brings essential features together in one platform to make the daily lives of Portuguese families easier. A distinctive Parental Control, shared calendars and shopping lists, and notifications sent whenever a family member arrives or leaves home are just some of the tools that will help Portuguese families manage and organise their lives.

One of the main features of this app is the advanced Parental Control system, with which customers can set the times for the use of Wi-Fi and the Vodafone TV box, by selecting the specific equipment where they want to apply these rules.

Also different from the other options on the market is the complete integration of several family management features. With the Vodafone My Family app users can add and view shopping lists, calendar events such as school times, extracurricular activities and medical appointments, among others. The information is shared from the cloud, and every time a new event is created, all family members are immediately notified of this update (both in the mobile app on the and television).

To start using Vodafone My Family users must create a family group and optionally set the location of the home where the television service is installed, so enabling them to receive notifications whenever family members arrive or leave home. Users can turn this feature on or off whenever they want.

My Family is now available for free download at the App Store and Google Play Store or for use on Vodafone TV channel 555.

With the launch of this app, Vodafone has reinforced its offer of distinctive, pioneering services in the Portuguese market, providing solutions that meet the needs of its customers regardless of whether access is via the smartphone or the Vodafone TV box.