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Sexta-Feira, 9 de Fevereiro de2018

Annual meeting of Vodafone employees wins international award

FEIEA Awards presented last night honour Vodafone's internal event
  • Digital format of the Employees’ Meeting was decisive for this recognition

The 2017 annual All Hands Meeting of Vodafone Portugal has won the FEIEA Grand Prix 2017 in the “Best Internal Communication Event” category. At the root of this recognition was the innovation introduced by Vodafone, which for the first time made the annual employees’ meeting a digital event.

The meeting, in which around 1000 people took part, was broadcasted live in eight different venues arranged so that employees could watch and participate live.

During the broadcast, which could also be viewed all over Portugal online, employees were invited to participate, answer questions and share photos and comments on internal digital channels such as VodafoneTube, the internal social network or the chat and videoconferencing system, in a continuous, real-time interaction that involved everyone.

Very positive indicators have been achieved with this new approach: 84% of employees said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the new format, representing 80% overall satisfaction and 72% NPS (recommendation score).

A fundamental part of Vodafone’s future vision is to be an increasingly digital company. The meeting marked the start of what is now known internally as the ‘Digitalism’ movement, a concept that involves all employees in a single vision, where digital, rather than just a tool, is a philosophy and a way of being.


About the FEIEA Grand Prix Awards

 The FEIEA Grand Prix awards are now into their tenth edition and mark the conclusion of the annual initiatives promoted by the European Association of Internal Communication (FEIEA). Twelve awards are made in five major categories: strategy, print, visual, digital and events. The presentation of the awards is the conclusion of a two-stage process: first, candidates are evaluated by national associations, and secondly, the shortlist is evaluated by a jury drawn from the majority of European countries.