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Quinta-Feira, 1 de Fevereiro de2018

Double-digit growth in a fixed business drives Vodafone’s best results since 2009

4G customers increased 34.7% YoY.

• Fixed line customer base rose 12.9% YoY
• Vodafone Portugal leads growth in pay-tv over last four years

At the end of the third quarter of the fiscal year 2017-2018, service revenue reached 236 million euros, an increase of 3.9% when compared with the same period last year (Q2 17/18: +6.1%) and the best results since 2009.

The performance of this important business indicator reflects the consistent execution of a solid investment and business diversification strategy, in a sector which is, year after year, more and more competitive and convergent.

Vodafone Portugal improved the service revenue positive trend on an organic basis, mostly driven by sustained growth in the fixed business, particularly in Pay TV.

At the end of December, the number of mobile customers reached 4.631 million, representing a slight reduction of 3.1% when compared with December 2016, but with an increased weight of 4G customers, that totalized by the end of Q3 1.686K (Q2 1.555K), growing 34.7% YoY. Smartphone Penetration reached 72.6% of total mobile active customer base. In what concerns data usage the increase during the same period was 50% year on year.

Fixed business registered a strong growth of 12.9% YoY in the fixed line customer base, exceeding 644.4K. In the period under review, Vodafone strengthened its commitment to provide the best and more complete entertainment experience, extending its range of channels with CMTV. The Cofina channel, which has been the audience leader in Portugal for the past 12 months, is now part of Vodafone Pay TV service. This is the segment in which Vodafone has grown the most among its competitors during the past 4 consecutive years.

Committed in delivering the best services in all segments, during the last quarter Vodafone Portugal achieved another important milestone in its innovation history. Anticipating the mobile network of the future, Vodafone tested 5G technology for the first time, attaining speeds of 20Gbps ‘over the air’.

As a result of its strategy, Vodafone was again distinguished by customers in independent studies. The National Customer Satisfaction Index, as measured by the European Consumer Satisfaction Index (ECSI), shows that Vodafone customers are the most satisfied in relation to the fixed network, mobile network, fixed internet, mobile internet and television service.

“The positive results during the third quarter and the high levels of appreciation for Vodafone Portugal from both customers and market, indicates that we are going in the right direction. We remain continually focused on Customer´s needs, which encourages the business reinvention in order to overcome customers’ expectations and interests”, says Mario Vaz, Vodafone Portugal CEO.

In October, Vodafone celebrated its 25th anniversary and, towards an “exciting future”, launched the first digital and futuristic project in Portugal – Vodafone Future –, a platform exclusively communicating innovative projects and new technological trends.

In the same quarter, Vodafone Power Lab launched the Smart Innovation Challenge, which promotes the creation of a multidevice service capable of being integrated in the Vodafone’s consumer portfolio of products.