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Segunda-Feira, 12 de Março de 2018

Vodafone challenges companies for digital transformation

Vodafone promotes growth of the digital economy.
  • Increasing levels of digital maturity will have an impact on innovation, employment and competitiveness in Portugal
  • Creation of Index to assess companies’ digital maturity

“What year is your business in? This is digital transformation year.” More than just the slogan of a new campaign aimed at companies, this phrase reflects the commitment that Vodafone Portugal has just publicly undertaken to the Portuguese business community.

At a time when digital transformation and the technological modernisation of companies and markets are an unavoidable one-way street, Vodafone is committing itself to helping companies to take advantage of a range of new tools and technologies capable of transforming businesses and creating untapped opportunities, in total alignment with the recent global positioning of the Vodafone brand – “The future is incredible. Ready?”

By nominating 2018 as “digital transformation year”, Vodafone is challenging companies to raise their level of digitalisation and, consequently, to promote the increasing maturity of the domestic market, which will have a significant impact on innovation, employment, growth and competitiveness in Portugal.

In order to achieve sustained success in the new industrial revolution, all organisations, regardless of their size or business sector, have the opportunity to link up with a reliable technology partner which can offer the best infrastructures, the most innovative solutions and the most specialised ongoing service. At the same time as supporting companies with their digital development projects, Vodafone is committed to acting in a perspective of co-creation, listening to the real concerns of its customers and developing solutions that best suit the needs of each one, helping them to grow and make their businesses more efficient and sustainable.

With a longstanding presence in the Portuguese business world, Vodafone is constantly improving its network architecture, making full use of its technological assets and ensuring the excellence of its next-generation mobile and fixed connectivity with redundant solutions that guarantee large bandwidth and high availability, resilience and access.

Digital Index assesses companies’ digital maturity

 To map the digital DNA of each individual company, starting today Vodafone Portugal is also offering a Digital Index.

Using an online questionnaire specifically designed for Sole Proprietors and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which represent almost 99.9% of Portuguese businesses, firms can assess their current degree of maturity in the digital transformation process.

Once they have completed the questionnaire, Vodafone provides a full report highlighting several analysis aspects: the presentation and explanation of the Digital Index – measured on a scale of zero to 100 points – in the components of internal processes, customer relations and interaction by employees; comparison with the sector as a whole; and recommendations or opportunities for improvement, according to the size of the company, sector and business.

The Digital Index is available on Vodafone’s official website:

Multi-media campaign with strong digital presence

Developed by J. Walter Thompson, the campaign illustrates a fully digitally-transformed business environment and will appear on television, digital, radio and print media by the middle of April.

The film was directed by Enrique Escamilla, with production by Garage Films. The media agency is Wavemaker.