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Terça-Feira, 15 de Maio de 2018

Vodafone Portugal grows by 4.6% in fiscal year 2017-2018

Service Revenue has grown over the 10 consecutive quarters.
  • FTTH network reaches more than 32.200 Km
  • Fixed customers reach 657 thousand
  • 4G customers exceed 1.7 million

Vodafone Portugal closes Q4 17-18 with an increase in Service Revenue, mainly sustained by fixed business dynamism. By the end of march, Service Revenue totals around 232 million euros, representing an organic growth of 3.1% when compared with the same period last year (Q3: +3.9% YoY). This performance reveals an acceleration in the growth rate of one of the most important business indicators, a trend that has been evident for the past 10 consecutive quarters.

During fiscal year 2017-2018 (ended 31 march 2018) Service Revenue reaches 950 million euros, growing 4.6% year on year.

Those indicators, accomplished in an increasingly convergent and competitive environment, reflect Vodafone´s differentiating positioning, sustained in business diversification and in strong investments made in the modernization and expansion of its networks.

Among other variables, the results mirror the growth in fixed service revenue, supported by continuous improvement in fixed customer base, which reaches more than 657 thousand, growing 11.3% YoY. Over the past year Vodafone continued to expand its fixed business throughout the Country, reaching an increasing number of customers across 32.200 Kms of a next generation fibre network.

In what concerns mobile business, at the end March the number of customers reached 4.606 million, what represents a slight reduction when compared with the same period last year, but with a higher number of 4G customers: 1.739 million  (+26.4% YoY). During the same period, smartphones penetration reached 73.5% and data usage grew 38.4% YoY.

“Vodafone Portugal closes the fiscal year 2017-2018 accomplishing two and a half years of growth in the main business indicator. We will pursue the strategy that brought us to the competitive stage where we are today, continuing to deliver the best products, the best services and the best experience to the Portuguese market. Costumer, Innovation and Digital will be key pillars for the forthcoming year and the driving force for everything that we will do”, says Mário Vaz, CEO da Vodafone Portugal.

Vodafone is introducing more and more digital elements on its commercial offer and gives a step further by launching the first mobile plan which is entirely made and customized by customers, allowing a complete and differentianting digital experience – Vodafone You.

This digital focus, transversal to the entire company, is also present at the most important enterprise milestones of the last quarter. During that period Vodafone Portugal brough the Internet of Things to the spotlight with an international conference held in Lisbon, transformed Elis factories into digital workspaces and turned Mango´s fitting rooms into digital booths. These projects are real examples of how Vodafone is transforming portuguese life and businesses.

Also during Q4 Vodafone launched, together with Vodafone Group, the word´s largest program for youth focused on digital skills and job finding. “What will you be” will help young people in an increasingly digital marketplace and Vodafone Portugal is commited to help 100.000 of them until 2022. Vodafone also launched another edition of Discover Vodafone Graduates, a programme that since 2009 already hired more than 150 employees, and the 2018 edition of Summer Internships, for students who are looking for a short term experience at Vodafone.