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Terça-Feira, 18 de Setembro de 2018

Vodafone launches V-Kids Watch and V-SOS Band, two new IoT products for the consumer segment

The products are part of the V by Vodafone family.
  • The V-Kids Watch is a smartwatch for children and the V-SOS Band is a smart wristband for emergency situations
  • These products strengthens Vodafone’s position as a pioneering operator in the launch of IoT solutions for retail customers

Lisbon, 18 September 2018

Vodafone Portugal has just launched the V-Kids Watch and the V-SOS Band, two new products from the V by Vodafone family, a range of IoT devices that make everyday life easier and simpler for consumers.

The V-Kids Watch is a TCL-brand smartwatch specially developed for children between the ages of five and ten. With the V-Kids Watch, parents can always know in real time where their children are and communicate directly with them via the watch by voice message, thanks to the V-SIM card fitted in the device.

This smartwatch also has the following novel features:

  • Safe Zones – option to define safety perimeters and receive alerts if the child leaves that area;
  • SOS button – in an emergency, the child can press the SOS button, which sends an alert to the selected family members, without the need for a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth connection;
  • Applications – allows users to send voice messages and emojis between smartphones and V-Kids Watch to up to five people, in addition to scheduling reminders, playing games and using the calculator;
  • Feature block – option to define periods in which messages and games are disabled (during lessons, for example), and to check the battery charge remotely in the app. The battery life is approximately three days.

The V-Kids Watch is available for €119.90 (promotional price included in the back-to-school campaign), and the service has a monthly charge of €4.50, with no minimum loyalty period.

For emergency situations, Vodafone has developed the V-SOS Band, an intelligent wristband perfect for those who want to retain their independence but feel safer knowing they can call for help whenever they need it.

The wristband lets users select up to five contacts, who receive warnings in the event of an emergency, and has the following features:

  • SOS button – when the SOS button is pressed for a few seconds the emergency contacts are notified and the user’s location is shared. The user knows that one of the contacts is coming to their aid when the wristband changes colour;
  • Fall detection – in the event of a fall, the emergency contacts are notified and the location of the user is shared, so ensuring that aid is immediate and more effective. The same thing happens when the wristband is removed for more than an hour and when it goes into ‘low battery’ mode;
  • Long life – the wristband has a battery life of about a month, but only takes two hours to recharge fully. It is still water-resistant.

The wristband will be on sale from today at a price of €69.90 and with an associated monthly charge of €3.00, with no minimum loyalty period.

After the corporate market, Vodafone’s IoT technology entered the Portuguese consumer segment in July with the innovative V by Vodafone product range. The new wearables now join the V-Auto, V-Cam, V-Pet and V-Bag devices. The technology is based on the V-SIM card and the V by Vodafone mobile application which support the IoT connectivity.

Vodafone is the world leader in the use of this technology, having already passed the milestone of 68 million connections