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Lisbon, January 15th 2019

Vodafone distinguished as “Best of the Test” by DECO PROTESTE in internet, mobile and TV usage

  • Vodafone’s Mobile Network distinguished by DECO PROTESTE for the fourth time in a row
  • Usage of television service on fiber also considered ‘Best of the Test’

Vodafone Portugal’s Mobile Internet was once again recognized by DECO PROTESTE as the ‘Best of the Test’, conclusion which was measured through the QualRede app, that allows any telecommunication services’ client to test the quality and velocity of the mobile internet.

It is the fourth time Vodafone receives this distinction, successively leading in all the tested indicators: speed of download and upload, web surfing and video streaming. With a total of 15 951 points, Vodafone was clearly detached from its main competitors, since the runner-up reached 7301 points and the third place 4864.

Vodafone’s TV service through fiber was also distinguished as ‘Best of the Test” by DECO PROTESTE. Besides measuring the consumption of equipments in lab, and tests performed by a diversified consumer panel, with different ages and technical knowledge, Vodafone’s TV service stood out due to, amongst other factors, the quick and comfortable zapping, the electronic program guide, the well-conceived method of scheduling of recordings and the intuitive way of browsing and search for contents.

Vodafone has been standing out in the telecommunications sector due to the constant attributed honors by renowned institutions and, besides DECO PROTESTE, the Enterprise has also been successively recognized by the international consultancy P3 group as the best national telecommunications network in what regards quality of voice and mobile data.

Alongside, Vodafone was once again distinguished by the European Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI), winning in all five categories of the Telecommunications sector. It was concluded through satisfaction surveys to consumers – performed in a parternship between various associations (Instituto Português da Qualidade, Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade and Nova Information Management School) – that Vodafone’s Clients are the most satisfied in what concerns fixed and mobile network and internet and TV service.

These distinctions represent, once more, the recognition of a commitment that Vodafone always assumed: taking the best fix and mobile service of the national market to its Customers, guaranteeing their maximum satisfaction. Furthermore, these distinctions are a reflection of the Enterprise’s statement as a global communications Operator, with a convergent offer that comes from a strong investment in the modernization and expansion of its infrastructures and bet on the latest generation’s network.

Vodafone Portugal, a leader in Innovation, Brand and Customer Satisfaction in the Portuguese market, has a national network coverage, covering about close to 3 million houses and enterprises with its cutting-edge optical fiber, and more than 4.7 million Clients with its mobile network.