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Lisbon, October 31st 2019

Portuguese startup tests Vodafone’s 5G during Web Summit, riding the new Renault ZOE

  • Live Electric Tours performs for the first time a social media live streaming with 5G technology
  • The demonstration is inserted in the innovation activity plan of Vodafone 5G Hub
  • The trip in Parque das Nações is performed with the new Renault ZOE, an 100% electric car

The Portuguese startup Live Electric Tours is going to perform for the first time a social media live streaming with Vodafone’s 5G technology, available both in Lisbon and Oporto so that the partners of the innovation lab Vodafone 5 Hub can test the fifth mobile generation. The demonstration – performed during a trip in Parque das Nações with the new Renault ZOE – happens during Web Summit, on the 4th and 5th of November.

With Vodafone’s 5G, Live Electric Tours will be able to perform 4K live transmissions and increase the quality of the Wi-Fi that it provides to its customers. Along with that, the GPS navigation latency will be shorter, which will lead to a quick, flawless and real time answer from the intelligent driving assistant, with information about the most interesting spots in the city as the users pass through them.

This demo will happen on board of the new Renault ZOE, equipped with the new multimedia system EASY LINK with 9,3 inches, ideal due to the large list of connected applications and services that it provides. The vehicle’s commercialization in Portugal is scheduled for November 11 and is, once again, a reference in the market for the electric cars that are available to everyone.

Live Electric Tours, who has been testing Vodafone’s 5G network for the past two months, initiated its trips with the 100% electric Renault Twizy, connected to Vodafone’s 4G mobile network in the summer of 2017, providing a unique experience to the thousands of tourists that visit Lisbon every year, so that they can share their memories through the streets of the capital with no with no further ado.

Currently incubated in Startup Lisboa, in the beginning of its activity, Live Electric Tours had the support of Vodafone Power Lab, Vodafone Portugal’s program of innovation and entrepreneurship. This is a connection that still exists and that, in May, allowed the enterprise to be chosen by Vodafone Group as one of the 20 most relevant startups for the use of the 5G technology. Last November, Live Electric Tours received the distinction of best European startup in the tourism category, a prize that given in the StartUp Europe Awards ceremony.


About the New Renault ZOE

The new Renault ZOE offers 395 kilometers of autonomy (homologation WLTP*) and it is the maximum expression of the brand’s knowledge in zero emissions technology.

Besides having the best autonomy in the market, the New Renault ZOE offers a unique functionality that allows the user to charge in alternating current (AC) until 22 kW and in direct current (DC) until 50 Kw. It just needs 30 minutes* of charging to have the necessary energy for about 150 kilometers.

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