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Lisbon, November 18th 2019

Vodafone deploys Augmented Reality in Customer Support

  • Innovative visual assistance solution gives agents eyes on customers’ devices, facilitating identification and resolution of technical issues
  • Vodafone Visual Support has made the support process faster and more efficient, improving customer satisfaction and cutting technician dispatches by 12%

Vodafone Portugal, a pioneer in the deployment of innovative technologies, has adopted an Augmented Reality solution, which streamlines and simplifies remote customer service.

Vodafone Visual Support, powered by TechSee, the global leader in Intelligent Visual Assistance, enables any contact center agent to quickly identify a customer’s issue and visually guide them toward a resolution. The solution has delivered significant improvements to operational performance, including a 4% increase in the company’s First Call Resolution rate, higher customer satisfaction - demonstrated by a 10-point boost to NPS - and a 12% reduction in technician dispatches.

During a call with a Vodafone representative, the customer receives a link and initiates a live video session with no download, app installation or account login required. The customer shows their device and issue to the agent, who uses on-screen Augmented Reality annotations to guide the customer toward an effective resolution.  

Hugo Pinto, Customer Operations Officer of Vodafone Portugal, said, “The Augmented Reality solution powered by TechSee allows us to provide our customers with faster, simpler service and, above all, achieve immediate resolutions. From misconnected cables to operational guidance and troubleshooting, our agents can now see the issue instantly, enabling them to resolve it on the spot, significantly improving customer experience.”

Ziv Orr, TechSee’s VP Business Development, commented, “extending our relationship with Vodafone to Portugal is one more step in the group’s customer service transformation. Using TechSee’s innovative Visual Assistance solution, Vodafone professionals can now resolve more technical issues on the first call, avoid technician visits to customers’ homes in many cases and deliver an optimal customer experience.”

About TechSee: 

TechSee revolutionizes the customer experience domain by providing the first intelligent visual engagement solution powered by Augmented Reality and Computer Vision AI. TechSee empowers enterprises across the globe to deliver better CX and reduce costs. TechSee is led by industry veterans with years of experience in mobile technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in Boston and Madrid.