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March 08, 2019

Vodafone is the Main Sponsor of the PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards

Vodafone Portugal recently announced a new key project in the area of music, as the main sponsor of the PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards.

As the main sponsor of the event’s first edition, which will hand out awards for the best in Portuguese music, Vodafone now lends its name to the ‘Vodafone Best Song’ award, the only competition category chosen by public vote.

Divided into 12 categories with four contestants each, in addition to the ‘Vodafone Best Song’, the PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards will also choose the ‘Best Group’, ‘Best Solo Artist’, ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Music Video’, ‘Best Fado Album’, ‘Best International Artist’, ‘Best International Song’, ‘Best Portuguese Artist’, ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Critic’s Choice’ and ‘Career Award’.

Along with being a true point of pride, Vodafone’s association as the main sponsor of PLAY is a natural step, which could only come from a brand like Vodafone, whose DNA lives and breathes music, with a legacy of more than 18 years of unconditional support for talent and national creativity,” says Leonor Dias, Brand Manager at Vodafone Portugal.

Vodafone’s focus on these awards reinforces the company’s connection with music and, in particular, with Portuguese music. In the last two decades, Vodafone’s presence in the area of national music has remained constant. This journey began with support for sporadic tours by Portuguese artists, later expanding to festivals which the brand has supported over the years: Vodafone Paredes de Coura, Rock in Rio – Lisbon, Vodafone Mexefest and Milhões de Festa. Not to mention Vodafone FM, a radio station which has played a key role in publicizing Portuguese music, mainly by focusing on new values, summed up so well by one of the station’s claims: ‘Listen today to what you’ll like tomorrow’.

About PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards

Promoted by the Passmúsica Association, where all of the multinational, national and independent (Audiogest) publishers are represented, along with all of the artists and performers of Portuguese music (GDA), PLAY is an important platform for unveiling and promoting new talent, fostering music education among youth, encouraging connections between the industry’s players and promoting the internationalization of Portuguese music.

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