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Lisbon, September 20th 2019

Vodafone launches RED Infinity: an unlimited voice, SMS and data plan

Vodafone launches today the first Portuguese plan with unlimited calls, SMS and mobile data: RED Infinity. With this offer, and similarly to what already happens in other markets, Vodafone provides an unprecedented offer to all the Portuguese people, which will allow getting the most out of the Enterprise’s cutting-edge network and anticipates the consumption needs that will arise with the 5G network.

Thinking about every Client that wants to live free of consumption worries, Vodafone brings a new plan to the national market, limitless and in two versions:

  • Red Infinity – ideal for people who mainly use mobile internet to access social media, listen to music online or see HD videos. With a mobile velocity of up to 10Mbps, this plan is available for €39,9/month.
  • Red Infinity Giga - ideal for those who want to take the maximum benefit of their limitless communications plan to make immediate downloads, play online or watch videos in 4K. With a mobile speed that can go up to 1Gbps, this plan is available for €49,9/month.

There is a possibility to add until 3 cards in both options with special conditions (€15/month discount). The value for each extra card is €24,9/month (Red Infinity) or €34,9/month (RED Infinity Giga).

Similarly to what happens with the mobile offer, fixed Clients with convergent plans will also have plans with unlimited voice, SMS and data available when subscribing to the new plans TvNetVoz+Móvel Infinity and TvNetVoz+Móvel Infinity Giga.

From today onwards, the Infinity offer will also be available to Business Clients, with adapted and differentiating proposals, adapted to the communication needs of the Portuguese Businesses.

Successively elected as the best mobile network in the Country by independent entities such as the international consulting company P3 group and DECO Proteste – which, this year, highlighted for the fourth consecutive time Vodafone’s Mobile Network as the ‘Best of the Test’ -, with the launch of the first unlimited plan in the national market, the Enterprise renews its commitment to the Clients, answering to their increasingly demanding communication needs.