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Press Releases

Lisbon, January 23rd, 2020

Trust is the motto for the new Vodafone Business campaign

Trust is the motto for the new Vodafone Business campaign, the Vodafone Group’s brand for the corporate segment. This campaign enhances Vodafone’s commitment to be the businesses’ perfect partner in every need or dimension.

The movie, developed by Wunderman Thompson Lisboa with the claim “because a company is not only made by business”, shows a relationship of proximity and trust between Vodafone Portugal and a corporate client that lasts through the years, enhancing that the companies are not made by only of business but also by people, relationships and trust.

The communication campaign makes known some of Vodafone Business solutions that certify Vodafone’s ability to respond to the companies’ challenges and to support them in their digital transformation process: from the connectivity services, as the foundation of every business process; going through digital services, that allow the companies to manage their daily life regardless of the equipment that they use or the place where they are; until solutions to optimize companies’ consumption through the smart managements of the buildings, energetic optimization or data collection and real time monitoring.

This campaign is on TV, digital, radio and press until the end of February. The movie “First Day” is produced by Major West, directed by Paco and the photography director is Káká, with media planning from Carat.