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Press Releases

Lisbon, 23 of July 2021

Vodafone Portugal announces first quarter results

  • Service Revenue increased 7.5%* in Q1 2021-2022
  • Total number of broadband customers reached 830 thousand at the end of June
  • FTTH deployment reached 3.9 million

From April to June, the first quarter of fiscal year 2021-2022, Vodafone Portugal’s Service Revenue reached 258 million, which represents a growth of 7.5%* considering the same period last year.

At the same time, total revenue, which includes equipment sales, totalized 281 million euros, which shows an increase of 8.4%*.

The sustained growth of the fixed business and the stabilization of the mobile segment reflects the execution of a technological investment strategy in networks and systems that guarantee the quality and resilience of our services, as well as a continuous attention to the Customer in terms of multiple interaction channels and in particular in Digital, whose growth was driven by the exceptional moment that we continue to live.

Concerning mobile business during Q1, Vodafone registered a good performance with the number of mobile Customers settled in 4.563 million at the end of June.

Notwithstanding the impact of the pandemic, fixed business registered a positive performance, with a steady pace under a very competitive environment, with TV Customers reaching 764 thousand (+10.4% YoY) and broadband Customers totalizing 830 thousand (+9.8% YoY).

Vodafone Portugal is effectively expanding its footprint across all country. At the end of Q1, Vodafone´s next generation FTTH network reached 3.9 million homes and businesses (+10.4% YoY).

“This quarter's results reinforce confidence in the way we are executing our ambitious growth and support strategy for the country in this exceptional moment that we continue to experience.

The YoY growth should also be interpreted considering the strong impact of the exceptional measures offered by Vodafone to its Customers at the beginning of the pandemic in the same quarter of 2020. I remember that on that date, Vodafone had exceptional measures in place to support its Customers in adapting to a new way of life and work that involved the provision of communications and content in the mobile and fixed areas and which today do not have the same scope of application.

Aware of the degree of uncertainty and volatility that surrounds us, I renew my confidence in Vodafone Employees and Partners that we will continue, together, to provide solutions that help Portuguese families and companies to overcome the current crisis as quickly as possible. Together We Can.”, says Mário Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.  

Several initiatives took place during the period under review, with special emphasis on the launch of Smart Replay News –  a new viewing experience in the TV service, which detects and classifies, in real time, the transitions between news segments allowing Customers to select the news they want to see – Vodafone also announced Jobseekers.connected, a new initiative which aims to support unemployed young people.

Always at the forefront of innovation, Vodafone Portugal continued to invest making 5G closer to reality showing, with some initiatives, real use cases which confirm that Company is ready for the fifth mobile generation.

Looking to the future, the highlight of this quarter was two use cases, both related to music. For the first time in Portugal, Vodafone conducted an orchestra at a distance, showing this way how the potential of 5G can be used as an engine for the development of national economy and society.

More recently and also a pioneer in the field, as part of our sponsorship of the PLAY Awards, recorded on Tv in real time, using the already installed 5G network infrastructure, a four-hand piano performance was performed, between Lisbon and Porto, by the Best Youth group, leaving to the imagination of each one what, from the benefits of the low latency of 5G, we can jointly (re)imagine the future in several areas of economics, culture, science and education.

Note to editor: Amounts marked with an "*" represent organic growth.