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Lisbon, 2nd of February 2022

Vodafone Portugal announces Q3 Results

From October to December, the third quarter of fiscal year 2021-2022, Vodafone Portugal’s Service Revenue reached 270 million, which represents a growth of 9.3%* considering the same period last year. Total revenue rose 7.7%* YoY to 298 million euros.

During the same quarter, the total fixed customer base continued to increase, of which 864 thousand are broadband customers, more 8.1% than the previous year. This growth represents customer recognition of Vodafone's innovation strategy in this business area, strengthening its offer with new and differentiated products, always guaranteeing the quality of service.

Vodafone Portugal is effectively expanding its footprint across all country. At the end of Q3, Vodafone´s next generation FTTH network reached 4.1 million homes and businesses (+11.5% YoY).

Third quarter results were driven by the sustained growth of fixed business, as well as by the stability in the mobile business, which maintained a steady pace under a very competitive environment. When compared to the same period of the last year, the roaming, visitor and prepaid revenues increased in result of some Tourism recovery, with a positive impact on the evolution of the main business indicator.

Number of mobile customer base reached 4.7 million customers, which represents an increase of 3.3% when compared with the third quarter of 2020.

The third quarter had a very important milestone finally reached, which was the end of the 5G auction. Finally, Portugal was able to have this important new mobile generation, which Vodafone Portugal launched commercially on November 30, 2021. We are excited with this new phase, which will certainly allow us to continue to innovate, improve connectivity and contribute to a better future to our country. And this happens at the same time as Vodafone Portugal is experiencing sustained growth, with a good performance of the fixed business and a stabilization of the mobile segment. We are also continuing our FTTH expansion across the country at a good pace, as shown by the 11.5% YoY growth that allowed us to reach 4.1 million homes and businesses this quarter.”, says Mário Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.

The commercial launch of 5G was the highlight of this quarter. Vodafone Portugal has made 5G available to all its customers who can experience the service at no additional cost, if using a compatible equipment.

Also during the period under review, Vodafone Portugal continued the expansion of its portfolio in Consumer IoT, launching the “One Number” for iWatch, the connectivity service that allows customers to share their phone’s allowances, number, and contacts with an Apple Watch.

Concerning business segment, Vodafone Portugal launched a set of new cybersecurity solutions for business customers, which provide Portuguese companies with the security and confidence they need to accelerate their digital transformation and optimize their digital infrastructures.

In December, Vodafone Portugal addressed domestic violence as the central theme of the Christmas campaign, which had a high media impact, stimulating the discussion about this social problem. On Vodafone Portugal social media, this campaign had more than 3 million views.

Note to editor: Amounts marked with an "*" represent organic growth.