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Press Releases

New Telecel station on the northern coast of Madeira

Lisbon, 23 December 1997 The new base station started operating on the 18th of March and it represents an important step taken towards the global coverage area of Madeira Island, namely of its northern coast. The progressive coverage of this area is almost finished, and it will be completed soon with the installation of the new stations.

On the other hand, on the 19th, the amplifier was put to work in the Centro Comercial Infante – Marina Shopping, enlarging then, the reinforcement of indoor coverage, namely in places where there are big crowds of users, as it may happen in shopping centers.

All through 1997, Telecel made a significant investment in the expansion of its cellular network in Madeira Island, either in populated areas or in road networks. The installation of the Digital Switch in Madeira, increased not only the capacity and the quality of the traffic, but it also allowed a faster expansion of Telecel’s network.