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Telecel launches Vitamina K for the kids

Telecel has recently introduced in the media Vitamina K (K for Kid). Vitamina K is an innovative and creative product in what concerns image, targeting a very young market segment – from 8 to 15 years old – to whom the new communication needs have proved to become more important, driven by the need of parents, relatives or friends being able to communicate with them.

Apart from being focused on one segment for which until now there were no products available in the market of mobile communications, the main innovation in Vitamina K, is the possibility of receiving calls from any source, but to dial only six numbers pre-set in Vita Agenda (these can be reprogrammed at any time), allowing parents to control the calls and the expenses, assuring at the same time their children are safe, being able to contact them at any time.

Aiming at making Vitamina K an effective and easy to use product, Telecel included the telephone Mobicom Kids with features similar to other equipment, offering advantages such as speed dial of pre-set numbers and simplified menus, but essentially distinguished by its young and attractive design.

Vitamina K, has a specific and simplified tariff plan, including in its price 5,000 PTE of calls. Costing only 19,900 PTE, this new product from Telecel is one of the most affordable in the market of products without monthly fee. In the ten first loads, the amount of 2,500 PTE will be deducted, representing the usage rate of the equipment, and Telecel offers the first year of the equipment insurance. Aiming at simplifying the usage of Vitamina K, Telecel offers – free of charges – some of Vitamina base services such as Message Recording, Vita Recarga, Vita Informa, Vita Consulta, Customer Support Service, National Emergency Number or Forest Emergency Number. Also, Vitamina K has features similar to the ones of Vitamina T: No Monthly Fee, Quarterly Loads, International Calls, Cost Control on the handset display, Identification of Calls and Loading through Cash Dispensers (Multibanco) among others, all these contributing for the sales success it has been reaching.